The most secure bike parking dock

With a built in chain and electronic lock

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bindio dock

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  • Thick and secure bike lock
  • Cutting and sawing sensors
  • Automatic bike rental system
  • Monitored e-bike charging system

How it works

1. Send an SMS or use the mobile app
step 1
Simply send an SMS to use the public docks for free
2. Unlock with your phone
step 2
With an SMS or via the mobile app
3. Place your bike
step 3
Put the chain through the front wheel and/or frame of the bike and insert the end of the chain into the lock
4. Unlock using your phone
step 4
Unlock and pay for parking with the mobile phone app or SMS
5. Enjoy the ride!
step 5
Simple as that


Park your bicycle or motorcycle without worry - we’ve invested some serious effort to protect your ride from thieves:

  • Metal frame with protective coating
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Construction that keeps the bike locked in case of power failure
  • Detects cutting and sawing
  • Security camera
  • Real-time alerts in case of suspicious actions to security, police or bike owner
  • Insurance
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Our Partners

Bindio bike parking docks are already used by:

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Ease the life for your green-thinking customers and employees

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Schools and universities

Support active young people and a healthy lifestyle

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Parking lots

One parking spot for different types of rides

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Thinking of people: well-maintained city infrastructure

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